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Sustainable Growth through Diversity and Inclusion

Welcome to Safman Consulting, where we harness the intersectional power of accessibility to create sustainable, inclusive communities.


As a DeafBlind Black man, Marc Safman brings unique life experiences that enable him to provide strategic advice to companies seeking to meaningfully engage with disabled communities. His focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives ensures that he helps you make a difference in the world while achieving your business goals.

Smiling man using sign language during a video call on mobile

About Safman Consulting

At Safman Consulting, we leverage Marc Safman's expertise to help your organization's Environmental Social Governance (ESG) programs create value from diversity and inclusion initiatives. Our services span many areas, from Accommodation Policies Reviews to Community Engagement and Partnerships with Disabled Groups. We understand that diversity is not just a buzzword—it's a key driver of successful innovation.

Assemblymember Stefani Zinerman and Marc Safman in Albany

Assemblymember Stefani Zinerman and Marc Safman in Albany

A Life of Resilience and Empowerment

Marc's life story is a testament to resilience and empowerment. From overcoming a brain tumor to navigating auditory and visual challenges, he has embraced effective solutions and is now dedicated to helping others thrive. His passion for accessibility and decades of experience as a paralegal make him an invaluable resource in pursuing meaningful engagement.

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Discover how we empower diversity and inclusion today!

Ready to unlock your organization's true potential through diversity, inclusion, and accessibility? Safman Consulting is here to be your trusted guide on this transformative journey.


Explore how our unique life experiences and expertise can drive positive change and create a more inclusive and accessible future for your business and community. Contact us today for the first step towards meaningful engagement and impactful strategies.

Let's collaborate to foster an environment where everyone thrives, embraces diversity, and celebrates inclusivity. 

Our Services - Making a Difference Together

Safman Consulting offers various services designed to empower your organization and foster a more inclusive world. Let's explore some of the ways we can work together:

Accommodation Policies Review

Investing in Inclusion

Is your organization's current approach to accommodations falling short of its DEI goals? Our expertise in creating robust interactive processes ensures that you can provide meaningful access to disabled individuals cost-effectively. From job restructuring to real-time captioning, we help you build an inclusive workplace that thrives on diversity.

Community Engagement

Starts with Accessible Meetings

Partner with us to develop effective strategies for engaging with DeafBlind, Blind, Deaf, and disabled communities. By making your meetings and events accessible, you can build strong relationships and foster genuine connections with hard-to-reach groups. Let's make community engagement an opportunity for a positive impact.

Create Inclusive Apprenticeships, Internships

Expand your recruitment efforts and tap into a pool of talented disabled individuals. We can guide you in establishing partnerships and apprenticeship programs that provide meaningful growth and skill development opportunities.

Awareness or Training Events

Embracing Diversity

Our unique perspective allows us to improvise creative solutions to overcome challenges and make every event, from investor presentations to cultural outings, accessible to all. Let's ensure that diversity is celebrated and experienced by everyone.

Fundraising and Partnerships

with Disabled Groups

Connect your brand with hard-to-reach communities and make a meaningful impact. We can help identify impactful organizations for partnerships that drive positive change.

DeafBlind Students, Families

Dream Big!

Let's discuss your dreams and aspirations. Whether it's skilled trades, internships, or college applications, we'll create a plan that turns your vision into reality. Together, we can build a brighter future.

Political Candidates

Engaging Disabled Voters

Inclusive campaigns win elections. We'll collaborate to develop tailored policies and effective outreach strategies that engage disabled voters on meaningful issues.

Issue Campaigns

Advocating for Humanity

Leverage our expertise in organizing lobbying efforts and navigating the legislative landscape to advance your cause and create lasting change.

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Let's Create a Thriving Environment Together

At Safman Consulting, we believe that fostering diversity and celebrating inclusivity is the key to a thriving environment. Embrace the transformative power of diversity and inclusion. Let's collaborate to drive positive change and make the world better for all. Reach out to us now to start the journey!


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We're excited to connect with you! Fill out the contact form, and let's begin the conversation. Together, we can create a world where everyone thrives, embraces diversity, and celebrates inclusivity. We offer negotiable fees for Remote and On-Site Engagements.

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